Massachusetts Representative Louis L Kafka has introduced the “End of Life Options Act” for the seventh time in January 2019. On the Senate side this bill was introduced by Senator William Brownsberger, S.1208, assigned to the Joint Public Health Committee 2/28/19. H.1926, was assigned to the Joint Committee on Public Health on 1/22/19. The next step will be public hearings on June 25, 2019 and hopefully at that point the bill will be voted favorably out of committee and be sent for a vote by the full legislature. Nine of the seventeen members of the Joint Committee on Public Health have signed on as co-sponsors. The “End of Life Options Act” was also introduced as a ballot initiative in the 2012 election but lost 49% to 51%.

We are pleased to note that Bills are currently under consideration in the following states: Arizona, Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Rhode Island, Utah, and Virginia.

New Jersey passed an End of Life Options Act in March 2019.

Maine passed their Death with Dignity Act June 2019.

Delaware and Michigan are expected to join this group later in their sessions.

Massachusetts Legislative Joint Committee on Public Health (2019)

The End of Life Options Act in the Senate is Bill S.1208 and its lead sponsor is Senator William Btownsberger. The same Bill with the same name in the House is Bill H.1926, and the lead sponsor is Representative Louis Kafka.

Rep. Kafka has filed such ‘Death with Dignity’ bills since 2007, and they have never been passed by the Joint Committee on Public Health, though each legislative session they have had increasing numbers of co-sponsors. This year, there are 66 co-sponsors thus far, and new legislators can add their names to the Senate bill right up until the public hearing by the Joint Committee.

  • denotes members who are already co-sponsors of above bill

    Senate Members:

    Chair: *Joanne Commerford (D) (Hampshire, Franklin, Worcester)

    Vice Chair: Nick Collins (D) (First Suffolk)

    *Brendan Crighton (D) (Third Essex)

    *Julian Cyr (D) (Cape and Islands)

    Donald Humason (R) Second Hampden & Hampshire)

    *Rebecca Rausch (D) (Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex)

    House Members:

    Chair: John Mahoney (D) (13th Worcester)

    Vice Chair: Chynah Tyler (D) (7th Suffolk)

    *Michelle Ciccolo (D) (15th Middlesex)

    *Jonathan Hecht (D) (29th Middlesex)

    Hannah Kane (R) (11th Worcester)

    Mary Keefe (D) (15th Worcester)

    *Jack Patrick Lewis (D) (7th Middlesex)

    *Jon Santiago (D) (9th Suffolk)

    *Paul Schmid III (D) (8th Bristol)

    Michael Soter (R) (8th Worcester)

    Andres Vargas (D) (3rd Esseon June 25